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BTW: Bangles That Wow

Crafty bracelet ideas to create with your BFF

Girlfriends are the best kind of friends; they share a unique bond, and their best times are spent with each other. With the Girlfriend Craft kits, girls can get together to read, learn, and craft side-by-side. Each book tells the tale of a very special friendship, and each title also features a collection of crafty ideas to create together.


“Quiet down, everyone! Let’s continue our experiment from yesterday,” Mrs. Jensen shouted over the din of the classroom. Jessica had a new attitude today, and she was determined not to let Alexis get her down.

“So…Alexis…how much baking soda should we put in?”

Alexis whipped around to face her and rolled her eyes. “I don’t know—however much the book says, I guess.”

“Listen, Alexis, I don’t know when we stopped being friends, but I’d really like us to patch things up. We have to get this experiment done anyway, so can we at least agree on that?”

Alexis took a deep breath and for a second, Jessica thought she was really going to let her have it.

But then a tiny smile broke out across Alexis’s face. “Sure. Why not? We both want to get a good grade, right?”

“Right,” said Jessica with a smile. Score one for Team Jessica, she thought.