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OMG: Ordinary Made Gorgeous

Makeover your style together!

Girlfriends are the best kind of friends; they share a unique bond, and their best times are spent with each other. With the Girlfriend Craft kits, girls can get together to read, learn, and craft side-by-side. Each book tells the tale of a very special friendship, and each title also features a collection of crafty ideas to create together.


“Come in!” shouted Lauren in answer to Rachel’s knock.

“Hey,” she said suspiciously, “what are you doing with my portfolio?”

Rachel set it down gingerly on her sister’s bed, knowing that the notebook was the single most important object in her sister’s life right now. After graduation, Lauren had enrolled in fashion design school, and Rachel knew that someday she would be a totally successful fashion designer.

“Actually, I wanted to ask you about your portfolio. Do you have a sec?” Rachel asked.

Lauren raised her eyebrows in surprise. “You, the proud wearer of those ratty jeans and gigantic t-shirts? Why the sudden interest in fashion?”

“Don’t make fun of me. But I guess you’re right—I’m not exactly a fashionista. Here’s the thing—this TV crew is coming next week to film at Burke, and Ash and I really want to stand out so they’ll pick us. But that’s
where we need your help…”