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I’m a Pirate Captain!


Bones took Ryan on a tour of the whole ship, showing him the plank, pointing out the crow’s nest high above, and even letting him take the wheel! Ryan couldn’t believe he was on a real pirate ship in the middle of the sea! There were so many questions he wanted to ask Bones, but he couldn’t because he kept seeing something new every second!

“Now this here’s a mighty important tool for pirates... it’s a telescope, and it shows what lies ahead. Here, Captain Ryan, take a look.”

Ryan held up the telescope to one eye and peered through it, scanning the horizon.

Wait--what was that? “Bones, I think I see something! Look, there’s a man waving at us!”

Bones looked through the telescope with his one good eye and cried “Blimey! You’re right! Captain, what are yer orders?”

Unsure of the right answer, Ryan guessed, “Go get him?”

“Arrrrr, yer a good captain, lad. Aye, aye captain!” And Bones ran off, yelling “Land ahoy! Look sharp, mates!” to the rest of the crew. Ryan felt the ship turn as they steered straight for the deserted island ahead!