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Latest Works

The Chorus and The Refrain

Published in the latest issue of Lavender Bones Magazine, "The Chorus and The Refrain" is about finding a way to remember through music.


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Stealing Spanish

A flash creative non-fiction piece, "Stealing Spanish" is about sharing a vernacular with your favorite person.

The Blue Moon: The COVID Monologues

54 writers respond to the pandemic as a living altar to the lives we have lost to COVID-19. My piece, The Blue Moon, is about my father's love of jazz music and all the ways I miss him most.

Immigrant Innovators

An inspiring children's biography collection, Immigrant Innovators highlights the stories of 30 immigrant entrepreneurs who have made it big in America. Geared toward readers ages 8-12, the book features people from around the world who played a major role in establishing global companies and products. These entrepreneurs come from more than 25 countries and have been successful in a wide range of fields, from energy bars (KIND), yogurt (Chobani), and restaurant chains (Panda Express), to dominant industry players like YouTube and Tesla. The book includes full-page illustrated portraits of each entrepreneur as well as colorful infographics throughout.

Daily Warmups: Social Emotional Reflections

Quick, easy, effective activities designed to give teachers insight into their students' emotional states, as well as teach students how to work with and understand the emotions they feel every day. There are 170 warm-ups in each book, one for each grade 1-5. Students are encouraged to identify 16 different emotions in themselves and others, and learn a variety of tips and strategies through daily warm-ups.

Change Your Mindset: Growth Mindset Activities for the Classroom

Research has shown that students are more likely to succeed once they take on a growth mindset and understand that they can get better at anything with time and effort. Students with growth mindsets see mistakes as learning opportunities, welcome challenges, and persevere with effort. Teaching about growth mindset and the science behind it has helped countless students to grasp the idea that they can achieve their goals, no matter their starting points. The individual, small-group, and whole-class activities, along with the inspirational reading passages in this series, encourage students to adopt this flexible, supportive, and uplifting perspective.